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An exploration of the human experience through stories, interviews, art, prose and photography.

Created by Jai Morton and Birgit Loit, born out of a shared curiosity for people, places and the unknown. For the love of story, and its power to inspire connection, understanding, reflection, and common ground. 


For creatives, dreamers, travellers, and humans alike. For anyone doing, or figuring out how to do life their way. Whether that feels familiar, outlandish, or somewhere i n b e t w e e n, the unfoldment is a celebration of and for you. Each of us has a story, and we're more connected than you know.


We invite you to meander moments, memories and imaginings here –in the hope that you find something that sparks your own curiosity too.


And in the sentiment of Desiderata, remember that your path is unfolding just as it should.


Roam here. Soak up the the messiness, the loveliness of being human. 


– Jai and Birgit x



We met on a bright spring day in a bustling cafe in Amsterdam – the city we both called home at the time. Our mutual friend Alina connected us because Jai was looking for a photographer.​ We ordered coffee, chatted about our creative projects, ordered more coffee, shared our love of travel and what was next on each of our wish lists, ordered lunch. We talked about Australia, where Jai is from, and where Birgit travelled extensively, and Estonia, where Birgit is from, and Jai was hoping to visit.

It was one of those fortuitous meetings. Where you leave knowing the other person is a similar soul. You aligned on so many levels and you can't wait to get to know them more and collaborate somehow.

But we were both busy beings, and Birgit was in the process of moving back to Estonia for a while with her partner. So somehow, we never met in person again! But we stayed in touch via text, and through Instagram, and during Covid-19 in 2020, we began calling regularly. Sharing passions, frustrations, motivations. Jai was diving further into her project the unfoldment, inspired to gather and share more stories, while Birgit was working on a similar side hustle focused on the stories of soulful living. 

During one long, meandering phone call, just before Jai was about to relocate to Oslo, it seemed like a crystal clear idea to merge our two projects – Jai the wordsmith and Birgit the photographer, embarking on a creative adventure together. And so here is the beginning of the unfoldment 2.0 – a collaboration of stories, words and visuals that we simply have to explore, before sharing with you. 

And it really is just the beginning. We've got a bigger vision waiting to unfold. 

Image by Abyan Athif
"You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."
– Desiderata, Max Ehrmann
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