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  • Jai Morton

Take note

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I sometimes forget just how ever-present beauty is. Yes, majestic and sprawling as I gaze over the ocean lapping at my feet on home soil, to the horizon. So bold as the tropical ferns and flora that burn bright in the midday sun. Deep comfort in familiar eyes and hands.

But salty sea breeze can kiss my cheek on so many shorelines. Warm lips move from place to place. And there's a kind of ever-present peace to be felt to your very bones, in the cool, crisp tones of white winter forests. The beauty is different. But nevertheless, unending.

I take to my phone to pinpoint moments, memories, to capture it – the beauty. But the screen is a flimsy, floozy companion.

We are better off wading into that river before us as bare as we can be, to look ahead and around, to breathe deeply, deeper, let the chill bite at our navels. And most of all, take note – at the way our bodies start to dissolve into what surrounds us.

This merging-with moment, an osmosis of cells, is where the real good stuff happens. Felt and seen and understood. When you let it all hit you, waves or not, when you let it in, let it out, that's when you bookmark all the beauty.

And then, well, it is a part of you always.

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